This project is a collaboration between LITIS and GREYC, 2 French laboratories from Normandie University, in the context of the PlaIR2.0 project sponsored by Conseil Régional de Haute-Normandie, France.

For all inquiries, please contact laurent.heutte at

For technical inquiries, please CC to sovannen at

Sovann En
Senior research scientist, Nuance Communications
Email: sovannen at


Caroline PetitjeanCaroline Petitjean
Assistant Professor, LITIS
Email: caroline.petitjean at


Stéphane NicolasStéphane Nicolas
Assistant Professor, LITIS
Email: stephane.nicolas at


Frédéric JurieProf. Frédéric Jurie
Full Professor, GREYC
Email: frederic.jurie at


Laurent HeutteProf. Laurent Heutte
Full Professor, LITIS
Email: Laurent.Heutte at



Medieval history advisor: Prof. Elisabeth Lalou